Sa'de Smiles


Awhile back in an interview Sa'de Wiley-Gatewood was asked what she missed most about California and home. Among the familiar family and friends and eternal sunshine she listed her favorite food; Hamburgers from the IN-N-OUT BURGER

As a resident of Redondo Beach and San Pedro California for a number of years I too developed an affinity for the IN-N-OUT Burger. When Sa'de's tendonitis flared up again I decided to do something for her.

I e-mailed the IN-N-OUT 'contact us' site telling them about Sa'de and how she missed them. To my great surprise someone called me back within the hour.

IN-N-OUT mailed me a 'care package' containing wrappers, bags, logos and other IN-N-OUT stuff with a nice letter wishing Sa'de a speedy recovery. I gave the package to Sa'de last night after the Mississippi State game along with a copy of the picture above taken at Boost-Her Night last fall.

I told Sa'de that it wasn't as good as the real thing but when she gets burgers in Knoxville she can put them in the IN-N-OUT wrappers and bags and pretend.

I was rewarded with a hug and a huge Sa'de smile.

I've been smiling all day.

Thank you Can I open a franchise in Knoxville?