As the season speeds toward the conference tourney's and the NCAA's excitement builds. Everything that has gone before is simply prelude to this wonderful time of year.

The WCBB message boards are heating up:
or the ESPN WCBB boards to join in the fun.

A new forum has been opened at VOLUNTEERS FOR AMERICA for WCBB fans of every team. This is a 'free-for-all' board where no posts are deleted although some may be moved to SMACK CITY or NEVER NEVER LAND if they run afoul of the 'serious smack and flame rule' and contain profane, racial, sexist, or over the top personal attacks. Anyone who wants to make a fool of themselves is welcome to mix it up on VFA.

Posts from negative fans like BackSeatLimogirl are welcomed as long as they understand that the gloves come off of those who oppose them as well. It's not for the faint of heart.

We look forward to a great run at the National Championship for the Lady Vols.
Pat Summitt has done her usual superb job getting the team ready for the push to the Championship.