Camp Summitt - not roughing it

The barbecue pit/kitchen is behind the garage type door to the right.
The top opens up and the bottom is a counter/bar. The area just to the left with the huge fire place is for eating and partying.
To the left the doors lead in to the Home Theater and media room.

The area to the far left has sleeping accomodations for the entire team.
To the right is the entrance and bathroom facilities.
The hot tub is in the foreground next to the pool.

This is the state of the art media room under construction.
Sound and video are also routed in to the party/picnic area outside and to poolside.

Pat's home is across the way from this building and both the home and Camp Summitt are on the lakeshore. It's a one of a kind facility that sets UT apart from everyone.

Pat and her husband spent a great deal of money to build this addition to share with the team.