Questions of Conduct for Mr Nelson

Caroline Doty's Teeth

A True Blue Chipper

By HoopGurlz Correspondent

Posted Wed, 07/25/2007 - 20:47 A player known for her all-out style of play, Caroline Doty chips her two front teeth while diving for a loose ball.

Erica LaLonge was targeted by fans of Name Redacted when several questioned her integrity and lobbied for her removal as a HoopGurlz correspondent. Surprising since this article was in glowing praise of Name Redacted's 2008 recruit Caroline Doty. Doty is a key figure in the now infamous Wendy's meal in the head coaches office where Caroline says she reached her final decision after eating Wendy's with Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird. Taurasi told the press in an attack on the Tennessee program that she "only talked to players and former players" while visiting Name Redacted in direct contradiction of Doty's statements to the Connecticut press.

In a lengthy discussion on HoopGurlz started July 28, 2007 by Glenn Nelson the publisher began this way:

glenn glenn is online now

Default HoopGurlz / Boneyard Controversy

Some of the idiots at the Boneyard (not all of the regulars, mind you) have made the outrageous accusation that we are biased toward Tennessee on this website. It is just so off-base that we filled a page over there and the mods have locked the thread - a smart move on their part since something like this shouldn't dominate that forum.

I find the accusations RIDICULOUS because of my relationship with the publishers of that site, the fact that Husky Nan USED TO BE ON OUR RANKING PANEL, plus the fact that we've covered UConn commits as well as any - particularly Maya Moore, but during the past year alone Caroline Doty and Tiffany Hayes and in the past Lorin Dixon and Tina Charles. Not because they were UConn commits, mind you, but because they all were great players.

The first accusations were leveled at us in general. Now they revolve around our use of Erica LaLonge, who is a Tennessee grad and used to be a frequent poster at the SummiTT.
I knew of Erica's connection to Tennessee, but all I judge is her work, which has been a positive contribution to our website. Case closed.

If any of the Boneyard posters have the guts to post some of their accusations and rationale over here (which I doubt), I guarantee it won't be deleted, nor will any of them be banned (unless they break forum rules).

So Mr. Nelson these questions are raised by your removal of Erica's byline;
Why would the publisher of Hoopgurlz remove the byline from the work of a writer who's work has "been a positive contribution" to your website?
Did you cave in to demands of the Name Redacted fans?
Do you think it is proper to remove the credit for work by your writers?
Was this done as some kind of retribution against Erica?