I want to ask everyone's opinion and to clarify what I am doing and why. It occurs to me that I have been remiss in explaining why I am doing what I have done particularly after I learned that volfanincali's Dad is a big Name Redacted fan.

I support Pat Summitt's decision to eliminate Name Redacted from interaction with the Lady Vols. I support her ethical and principled decision to cease to have a relationship with a program and coach that violates her principals.

Since it appears I am in the minority in hoping that The SUmmiTT would follow the example of our coach and eliminate all interaction with NAME REDACTED - I decided to do what several friends have done and just put every NR fan on IGNORE USER as a form of protest in support of Pat's decision.

For that to work it requires one small concession from those of you who wish to continue to interact with the fans of a program our coach has eliminated from her schedule.

Now I wouldn't for a minute try to deny your right to make up your own mind about interacting with Name Redacted fans who just cannot live without posting on The Summitt after our coach has eliminated their team from our reality.

So I am asking as nicely as I know how - please don't quote NR fans in your posts.
If you quote them we still have to read their ignored posts or place those who quote them on ignore.

I realize some of you may think this is silly but I'm serious about what I think is the only right thing to do to support what Pat has done. I think it a small concession on the part of those who still wish to respond to NR posters.

I would truly appreciate your cooperation in this small matter. In the wake of the elimination I feel very strongly about doing what I can to support Pat's decision and this is what I have concluded is the only thing I can do.

If you have some objection to this stand and request I will be happy to consider your replies and respond and I am anxious to hear eveyone's opinion.

It is not that I have anything against a few of the NR posters who have come here and still come here. My decision comes from a desire to support what Pat has done the only way I know how and not because I dislike ALL of the NR posters.

I am using Name Redacted as a form of shunning. A simple declaration that for me NR no longer exists. I intend to continue this protest of what I consider to be unethical behavior on the part of NR's coach until at least an unavoidable resumption of interaction is required by the NCAA tournament.
I won't ask that you join my protest. I just ask your assistance in keeping the board NR free for me and others who do not wish to be confronted with NR posts. That only requires you to cease quoting NR posts in your answers.
Thank you for considering this request and I look forward to hearing your opinions. Feel free to tell me if you think I am wrong or being unreasonable.