Jeff Jacobs the Hartford Courant dropped this strange quote by the caustic creepy coach from the North:

"We've had to answer a lot of questions about how we recruit, what we did in recruiting, what we didn't do," Auriemma said on the conference call. "I, quite frankly, am sick of it. Our university spent a lot of time and a lot of effort having to defend ourselves against a lot of accusations that turned out to be nothing, or the NCAA would have come down hard on us — which they didn't."

Auriemma was making it sound as if he was blaming Tennessee for having to endure the scrutiny.

"That's where the allegations came from, the SEC," he said. "That's public knowledge."

The clouds that Summitt brought are dark ones. For months, nameless people also have speculated in chat rooms that Auriemma may have made callous remarks about Summitt's personal life. I've gotten my share of e-mails on it. Auriemma has flatly denied such a thing. You see what Summitt's silence has done. How can Auriemma defend himself against stuff like that?

"spent a lot of time and effort?" on what?
Filling out that secondary violation form that's been floating around the net?

And as far as "nameless people in chat rooms making callous remarks about Summitt's personal life? Well try on this one from The Boneyard

By Gotham Blue
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Posted: Thursday April 3 8:13 PM

Re: Fly on the wall...

Geno: Prison rules OK by you?
Pat: Sorry Geno, I don't understand?
Geno: You will!
Geno: Hey, I saw Mickie DeMoss in Bridgeport.
Pat: (silence, glare)
Geno: She didn't shake my hand after we beat Texas, I think she was a little upset with the outcome, but she looked great.
Pat: (silence, glare, rapid blinking)
Geno: I thought she said she was retiring back in April? Was surprised when she came out of retirement so quickly in July and ended up with Gail in Texas? Looks like things are working out pretty good for both of them down in Austin!
Pat: (silence, glare, rapid blinking, clenched lips)
Geno: (staring at Pat's tightly clenched lips, thinks..hasn't this woman heard of botox?)
Geno: Well good luck (turns, walks away, mutters under breath...you'll need it!).
Pat: (turns, walks away, mumbles)

Or this piece of crap from
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Posted: 3/13/2008 12:59 PM

Re: Livid link

the fact that she is a lesbian who cheated on her husband for years and then proceeded to cheat on her then lesbian lover who happened to be an assistant coach?

GEE NO does it seem as if the UConn faithful may be guilty of echoing the whispers of their coach and hero?

The SEC reported the FACT that someone at UConn arranged a PRIVATE TOUR of ESPN for Maya Moore and her mother. That is a fact.

It does not matter who revealed the information to the SEC does it? The information was correct. Why should anyone care who brought it to the attention of the SEC?
What does that change?

Actually the only story today in the Tennessean revealed by a search for "Pat Summitt" includes this:

Recruit rehash: Connecticut Coach Geno Auriemma's latest Final Four squad will have to wade through the distractions that come with being on the sports biggest stage — the hype, the media and, of course, the feud. The other semifinal features defending champion UT and LSU.

Summitt did not renew the yearly regular-season series with UConn this season and UT had alleged that UConn violated a minor NCAA rule when courting Moore, who also was sought by UT.

"It's unfortunate its got to this point," Auriemma said. "We've had to answer a lot of questions about how we recruit and I'm quite frankly sick of it. Our university had to spend a lot of time defending itself and nothing came of it. I'm worried about Stanford and Connecticut. And that's it."

Some of us are not so naive as to believe that much is known that might be better left unsaid. The aim here on Pat's part is to make certain that he changes his ways with some hope that he may do that in his own self interest without bring to light specifics that may well be harmful to players she would prefer to see unharmed.

Walking the fine line between getting him to play by the rules without exposing the kids who are not at fault seems like Pat to me. So she is leaving it up to him if he wants talk about it. He knows what he did and Pat knows. Now we wait to see if he will do as he has said and talk about it if he gets to the final four. Meanwhile she is doing exactly what she said she would do.

Knowing the situation and knowing what the NCAA will or will not do the best strategy to keep a cheater form cheating may well be the threat of exposure to bad publicity instead of relying on an ineffective NCAA to properly investigate and punish offenders for cheating.

For instance we know that a coach from UConn arranged a private tour of ESPN
But here is what we do not know
Did Maya tell her friends that her decision to sign with UConn was greatly influenced by that visit?
Who took Maya and her mother to ESPN?
Who did they meet on that tour?
What was said to Maya on that tour about her future and ESPN?
Was Rebecca Lobo involved?
Was Doris Burke involved?
Did they stay the night in Birstol?
At whos expense?
Did ESPN offer to help Mrs Moore with the sale of her products?
How many UConn fans work at ESPN in Bristol?
How many UConn supporters work at ESPN in Bristol?
Was Maya promised an internship or any part time employment?
How many on screen personalities did she meet?
How many of them encouraged her to sign with UConn?
Was she told that they would try her out as a color commentator after graduating from UConn while playing in the WNBA?

Once we know that the illegal arrangement for the private special tour was made and that the NCAA considered that a secondary violation we know that the NCAA waited on a report from UConn and that nothing else was done.
UConn issued a statement that the investigation has ended.
But none of the questions above were either asked or answered

So you can believe whatever you wish about the situation
I believe that the questions above are very relevant and important because Pat would never violate the spirit and letter of NCAA regulations and put herself in a position where these questions could be asked.

The NCAA is either unwilling or incapable of investigating to the point of getting the answers to my questions. As far as I am concerned if you or anyone else does not think that undue influence by the major force in WCBB broadcasting on an impressionable HS junior is possible you aren't thinking.
Like Caroline Doty telling the press that she made up her mind while eating Wendy's in Geno's office Maya may well have told someone that she made up her mind because of something to do with someone at ESPN.

If you think that is fair and within the rules then you and I have very different views of the situation.