Cyber Stalker Alert

Over the past days one particular long time participant here on ESPN has adopted a string of identities and used them to post messages on the NCAA Women's Basketball board and on my profile wall. These messages have included personal attacks and vulgarities and the moderators removed them at my request.

The screen names involved are Slewbopper, Bauraass, and now Nameredacted - not much problem with those - I can handle them but Thursday evening 11/1 this poster used my real last name followed by _bass as yet another ESPN identity.
Again today 11-6 he used my real names (first and last) in two posts on a thread that has now been removed from the board by the moderators.

'Slewbopper' and I had become acquainted here some 4 years ago and even exchanged email after becoming friends of sorts. He also posted on The SUmmiTT under the screen name CTWhitey having been banned from posting on the Boneyard - or so he said. One night he posted a completely offensive rant on The SUmmiTT in what he later revealed was a drunken stupor. At that point I broke off all communication with him and later made it plain that I think interaction between UConn and Tennessee fans on The SUmmiTT is a bad idea to be avoided for the time being until the animosity over the cancellation is in the distant past.

Over the past months I have ignored his presence on the ESPN NCAA Women's Basketball board and on The SUmmiTT where he uses the identity BoldBidder. Evidently that has enraged him and he has now launched a series of personal attacks and rants at an alarming rate.

Once he decided to bring my real identity into the situation he crossed a line that I can no longer ignore. Slewbopper approached that line twice in the past addressing me by my first name instead of the screen name adopted for the internet. The use of my last name Thursday night was the final straw and I reported the situation to ESPN. Slewbopper aka Bauraass aka Nameredacted is the same person and I am urging him to cease and desist from using any part of my real identity on the internet.

To use private information gained from friendship as an attack on a public message board is the lowest form of behavior. I have refrained from answering or replying to 95% of the posts by Slewbopper for months now. His use of multiple identities is transparent. I was completely open to coexistence without contact, but Slewbopper has some ax to grind and simply will not leave it alone. It would be good if he would and we could continue to ignore each other. It seems he cannot abide by the simple rules of common decency suffering the absurd notion that anyone would find it acceptable to post private real identities of message board posters as an act of revenge.