The AV system at casa aurabass

On the Right from top black box
1)Onkyo Integra DTR 7.2
2)Sony 400 DVD Changer/Player
3)Comcast/Motorola DVR (silver box)
4)JVC S-Video Recorder
5)Carver amp for Right Ribbon HF
5)Kenwood 1000 amp for Right 8" Mid-bass
On the Left from top
1)Dual Cassette recorder
2)Sony 300 Disk CD player
3a) Carver amp for left Ribbon HF (behind keyboard for data entry to Sony DVD & CD changers)
3b) Nakamichi 200 Disk CD changer
4) Kenwood 1000 amp for left 8" Mid Bass
5) Fostex Amp for Subwoofer under SONY WEGA Monitor
The center channel speaker (open) is amplified by the Onkyo Integra
The AMD 2000 Windows XP computer is on the left
The monitor for the computer is in the foreground.

Computer room left to right
Monitor for photoshop/photopaint internet computer
Monitor for Pinnacle Video Editing computer
Video monitors for VCR and post capture
Monitor for Video Capture computer